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Full Employment

We demand a socially useful job at union pay levels or a guaranteed dignified income for everyone.

We support the establishment of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) to alleviate poverty and homelessness.

We call for a 30-hour work week for 40 hours' pay and abolition of forced overtime.

We demand a legally mandated annual paid vacation of at least 4 weeks.

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Peace and Freedom Party Wins Renewed Ballot Status Through 2014 PDF Print E-mail

November 3, 2010

With at least two nominees for statewide office receiving more than the required 2% of the vote, the Peace and Freedom Party has secured its official status in California at least through November 2014. Early results show Dina Padilla at 3% for Insurance Commissioner, and Karen Martinez at 2.2% for Controller. These percentages are expected to rise as vote-counting continues, as is the case after every election. Those who vote for Peace and Freedom Party candidates are more likely than the average voter to turn in a last-minute mail ballot, or cast a provisional ballot.

Retaining ballot status means, among other things, that the Peace and Freedom Party will be able to nominate candidates for President and Vice President in 2012.

As partisan primaries and party nominations for state office and congress are not taking place after 2010 under the provisions of Proposition 14, it will be necessary for the Peace and Freedom Party to roughly double its voter registration before the end of 2014 in order to hang onto ballot status then. Unless Prop. 14 and legislation to implement it are changed, repealed or invalidated by the courts, it will no longer be possible to qualify by percentage of the vote in the general election.

Here are the final results.

GovernorCarlos Alvarez92,8560.9%
Lieutenant GovernorC.T. Weber116,3501.1%
Secretary of StateMarylou Cabral164,4581.7%
ControllerKaren Martinez209,6472.2%
TreasurerDebra L. Reiger125,5731.3%
Attorney GeneralRobert J. Evans160,4261.6%
Insurance CommissionerDina Josephine Padilla293,5123.1%
United States SenateMarsha Feinland135,0931.4%
Board of Equalization District 1Sherill Borg71,1892.7%
Board of Equalization District 2Toby Mitchell-Sawyer58,2422.4%
Board of Equalization District 3Mary Lou Finley79,8703.3%
Board of Equalization District 4Nancy Lawrence68,5774.0%
United States Congress District 3Mike Roskey4,7891.8%
United States Congress District 5Gerald Allen Frink4,5942.6%
United States Congress District 6Eugene E. Ruyle5,9152.2%
United States Congress District 8Gloria E. La Riva5,1612.4%
United States Congress District 9Larry Allen1,6700.7%
United States Congress District 30Richard R. Castaldo3,1151.3%
United States Congress District 50Miriam E. Clark5,4702.1%
State Senate District 6Lanric Hyland5,9162.6%
State Senate District 26Cindy Varela Henderson4,2932.3%
State Assembly District 4Daniel D. Frederick8,6474.6%
State Assembly District 5Elizabeth Martinez7,8504.9%
State Assembly District 9Daniel A. Costa6,9417.0%
State Assembly District 10Albert R. Troyer3,3682.1%
Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 December 2010 08:19
The 2010 Campaign

In the November 2, 2010 election the Peace and Freedom Party is running a full slate of candidates for statewide office and the Board of Equalization. We have candidates for the U.S. Senate, seven seats in the U.S. House, two in the state Senate and four in the Assembly. This website introduces the candidates and provides links to more information about our campaign. For more on the Peace and Freedom Party, the only socialist alternative on the ballot in California, please visit the party website.

Last Updated on Friday, 22 October 2010 13:05

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