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Peace and Freedom Party Condemns Trump’s Intentional Provocation of Violence in the Middle East

Posted on December 10, 2017, by the webmaster

Statement of Kevin Akin, California State Chair of the Peace and Freedom Party, 9 December 2017:

The Peace and Freedom Party condemns Trump’s latest reckless act of provocation in the Middle East. There are currently 86 countries with embassies in Israel. All of the embassies without exception are located in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area, none are located in Jerusalem. As part of a pattern that is now familiar, Donald Trump has announced that the US embassy will be relocated to Jerusalem, without specifying just where, with the apparent intention of provoking a violent reaction that will serve to “justify” repression against those who object, particularly Palestinians. With this announcement, the United States has openly become an enemy of any effort toward peace between Palestinians and Israelis, and has alienated all other would-be participants in a peace process.

Embassies are located near other embassies, to facilitate communication between members of the various diplomatic missions. This will become impossible if the embassy is moved away from all 85 of the other embassies in Israel. This announcement makes even clearer Mr. Trump’s disinterest in diplomacy, and his determination to move toward the direct use of force.

This move may serve the immediate interests of certain right-wing political forces within Israel, but it in no way will advance the interests of the Israeli people, let alone the Palestinian people or the American people. The reactionary, nationalist, and bigoted forces in the United States that support Trump, like the reactionary, nationalist and bigoted forces in Israel in the Netanyahu government, have no interest in the welfare of the working people in any country, certainly not their own. They are devoted to the welfare of billionaires (regardless of nationality or background), not of the people. (We should add that the Democratic Party, also too much beholden to wealthy interests, has certainly not distinguished itself in support of peace forces in the Middle East, or in opposing the Israeli occupation that prevents peace.)

Trump’s divisive announcement has been met with protests all over the world, both from heads of state and government, and from people in the streets. The Peace and Freedom Party has always supported peace in the region, and elsewhere in the world. We strongly condemn Trump’s provocation, and urge everyone who can to register their disapproval. Please write letters and e-mails, sign petitions, attend demonstrations, and work for peace and justice every way you can. As the 2018 elections approach, please support candidates (like those put forward by the Peace and Freedom Party) who work for justice and peace in the Middle East, and who oppose reaction at home and abroad.

– Kevin Akin California State Chair, Peace and Freedom Party


San José Peace & Justice Center hosts discussion on third parties for 2018, beyond

For those in San José and Santa Clara county who are interested in sending the two-party duopoly a serious message beginning with the 2018 elections, we’ve got the event for you. Next Tuesday, December 12, the San José Peace & Justice Center (48 S. Seventh Street, San Jose) is the venue for the Green Party of Santa Clara County’s forum Independent and Third-Party Voices: 2018 Elections and Beyond.

A “lively and interactive exchange of ideas and strategies on reclaiming our democracy with the growing voice of independent and third parties” is promised. The Peace & Justice Center’s own Sharat Lin will preside over a roundtable discussion/Q&A featuring four speakers representing a nice cross-section of third-party activity in California. These include:

• Peace and Freedom Party’s own 2016 Presidential nominee and 2018 California gubernatorial candidate Gloria La Riva;

• Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign national outreach coordinator and Nivenent for a People’s Party founder/director Nick Brana;


Positions on Legislation, 2017-2018

The Peace and Freedom Party has taken positions for or against a number of bills in the 2017-2018 session of the California legislature. This article lists our current positions with links to relevant documents.


50 Years of PFP

Posted on June 2, 2017 by the Communications Committee/p>

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