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State Executive Committee 2016-2018

For the 2016-2018 term, the State Executive Committee consists of the state chair, secretary, treasurer, ten at-large officers elected at the state convention on August 14, 2016, and representatives of the counties who have members on the State Central Committee. For a description of the party's organization, see this article.

State Executive Committee for 2016-2018

  • Kevin Akin, state chair (Riverside County)
  • Dave Kadlecek, state treasurer (Santa Clara County)
  • John Reiger, secretary (Riverside County)

  • Officers at large
    • Meghann Adams (San Mateo County)
    • Richard Becker (San Francisco)
    • Marsha Feinland (Alameda County)
    • Cindy Gordon (Los Angeles County)
    • Estevan Hernandez (Sacramento County)
    • Eman Khaleq (Los Angeles County)
    • Mary McIlroy (Alameda County)
    • Debra Reiger (Sacramento County)
    • Lawrence Reyes (Los Angeles County)
    • Sarah Durant Smith (Santa Cruz County)

  • County representatives
    • John Comly (Alameda County)
    • Tova Fry (Alameda County)
    • [vacancy] (Los Angeles County)
    • [vacancy] (Los Angeles County)
    • [vacancy] (Los Angeles County)
    • [vacancy] (Los Angeles County)
    • [vacancy] (Napa County)
    • Adan Plascencia (Orange County)
    • [vacancy] (Riverside County)
    • [vacancy] (Sacramento County)
    • [vacancy] (Sacramento County)
    • [vacancy] (San Diego County)
    • [vacancy] (San Francisco)
    • [vacancy] (San Francisco)
    • [vacancy] (San Mateo County)
    • Jon Britton (Santa Clara County)
    • Susan Muysenberg (Santa Clara County)
    • [vacancy] (Santa Cruz County)
    • [vacancy] (Santa Cruz County)
    • Cindy Sheehan (Solano County)
    • [vacancy] (Sonoma County)
    • [vacancy] (Yolo County)
    • [vacancy] (Venice Chapter)
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