During Peace and Freedom Party’s recent State Central Committee convention in San Diego, the below resolution on the Rise for Climate, Jobs & Justice March and Rally was adopted by the Peace and Freedom Party. The resolution was written by PFP San Francisco chair Tom Lacey.

Whereas, ravages of pollution and rapidly worsening climate change, as evidenced by extreme weather, unprecedented wildfires in urban areas and wilderness, continuing drought, rising temperatures, record hurricanes and floods, and rising sea level currently threaten lives of millions of the planets poorest people and ultimately our nation, state and local communities; and

Whereas, we are now at a crossroads and must use this critical opportunity to shape which path we're going to take: letting the current Administration and Congress representing immoral corporate greed take us backwards undoing modest gains of the previous Administration, assuring ever greater dislocation and suffering, or rather, demanding and fighting for transition to a 100% sustainable, renewable energy economy; and

WHEREAS, politicians from California and around the world will meet in San Francisco for the Global Climate Action Summit September 12th through 14th; and

Whereas, Social, racial, economic and environmental justice organizations are planning to march and rally across the nation to Rise for Climate, Jobs & Justice; and

WHEREAS, the SF demonstration is the anchor event for similar actions taking place that week across the country and around the world; and

Whereas, unions and other labor organizations are organizing a Labor Contingent to demonstrate that runaway climate change is a labor and working families issue and that labor supports a rapid just transition to a 100% renewable and sustainable energy economy; and

Whereas, environmental and social justice and community-based organizations, and labor such as PEN, PODER, Idle No More SF Bay, 350.org, Sierra Club, SEIU 1021, North Bay Organizing Project, California Environmental Justice Alliance, and Jobs Be it Resolved, that Peace and Freedom Party endorses the Rise for Climate, Jobs & Justice March and Rally on September 8th.

Submitted by Tom Lacey, Chair, San Francisco Peace and Freedom Party County Central Committee 

Peace and Freedom Party endorses this resolution.

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