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2016 Campaign Fund

Posted on April 27, 2013 by the Communications Committee. Last revised June 18, 2015

Let's face it, we can't fight for working people at the ballot box (or anywhere else) without spending money. We don't represent the owners of the businesses that pay for and control, directly and indirectly, the major political parties. The capitalists are not going to help us -- not one cent.

We need your help to stand up for working people in the 2016 election and beyond.

Proposition 14, passed in 2010 and implemented in 2012, will keep us off future November ballots. In fact, it will keep all small party and independent candidates off the November ballot. We and others are fighting in court to have Proposition 14 overturned. Once the inevitable appeals are filed, the lawsuit will cost tens of thousands of dollars.

We need your help to defeat Proposition 14 and eliminate Top Two elections.

As one of the side effects of Prop 14, it now costs more just to get your name printed on the ballot. Under the old rules, it was quite feasible to collect petition signatures to eliminate or at least reduce the filing fee of up to $3,800 (the figure for U.S. Senate). We were usually able to cover filing fees by collecting signatures. Now it takes 10,000 signatures (instead of 150) to cover the whole filing fee for U.S. Senate or statewide office. Each signature is only worth about 38 cents, so no one gets on the ballot this way.

We need your help to pay unaffordable filing fees.

Please help us continue our electoral progress by contributing $20.16 -- or any other amount -- to our 2016 campaign. No amount is too small (we don't have to mention that no amount is too large).

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If you would rather drop $20.16 (or any other amount) on us by check, please make it payable to Peace and Freedom Party and mail to:

Peace and Freedom Party
P.O. Box 24764
Oakland, California 94623

If you contribute $100 or more (thank you!), California campaign finance laws require that we record your occupation and the name of your employer. When using PayPal, you need to click on “Add message to Peace and Freedom Party” to provide this information. When paying by mail, please include it with your check.

P.S. If $20.16 is too little for you (or too much) adjust accordingly.

Thank you.


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Contribute to the 2016 campaign

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Donate to the Peace and Freedom Party campaign fund online by clicking the PayPal link above (PayPal membership is not required). Or make checks payable to "Peace and Freedom Party" and mail to

Peace and Freedom Party
PO Box 24764
Oakland, CA 94623