In addition to endorsing our own slate of candidates for U.S. president, state and local offices, Peace and Freedom Party is further endorsing some Green Party candidates running for spots in the U.S. House of Representatives, the State Senate and the State Assembly in Election 2020 California primary to be held on March 3.

The following are those four candidates; links to official campaign sites and Facebook pages are included. For a list of PFP candidates in Election 2020, please click here.

Robert Christian Richardson —
Peace and Freedom Party endorsee, U.S. House of Representatives, 7th district
(includes southern and eastern Sacramento county).
Chris was first inspired to use his problem-solving skills to run for public office in Election 2016. The former VA Medical Center programming specialist, biologist and engineer promises to get the people more of a voice and to right some wrongs in Washington while thinking outside the box on a vast range of issues. For the Chris Richardson for Congress campaign’s Facebook page, click here.

Michael Ernest Kerr –
Peace and Freedom Party endorsee, U.S. House of Representatives, 11th district
(includes portions of Contra Costa County). Michael brings over 45 years of work as a progressive activist to his campaign for the 11th District. In Election 2020, Michael plans not only on stumping for votes but also on raising awareness on a number of progressive issues going ignored by corporate media, the political party duopoly and his district’s incumbent. For the Michael E. Kerr for Congress campaign website, click here.

 Rodolfo Cortes BarraganRodolfo Cortes Barragan —
Peace and Freedom Party endorsee, U.S. House of Representatives, 40th district
(includes portions of south and east Los Angeles).
Rodolfo is a progressive champion running against an establishment Democrat who votes to expand military spending while here constituent suffer from the lack of jobs, healthcare and education. Rodolfo believes that the current structure of society is unsustainable, and that capitalism rewards self-interest at the expense of the community. His platform focuses on single-payer healthcare; guaranteed higher education; rent cnotrol; and an end to the security-incarceration complex. For the Rodolfo Barragan for Congress campaign website, click here.

Margaret Villa –
Peace and Freedom Party endorsee, State Assembly, 58th district
(includes southeast Los Angeles County).
Margaret is running for California State Assembly to help bring regular, working class people into office to build a government of greens, by and for the people. If elected, Margaret promises to donate a portion of her salary to underserved communities in need. For the Margaret Villa for State Assembly campaign’s Facebook page, click here.

Wednesday November 20th 2019.  Peace and Freedom Party State Chair John Reiger (center) at the Sacramento office of the California Secretary of State with presidential candidate Gloria La Riva (left), and Nicole Castor (right), representative of presidential candidate Howie Hawkins. Reiger submitted the names of the two candidates to the Secretary of State to appear on the March 3rd 2020 primary ballot,  Both the La Riva and the Hawkins campaigns also submitted required forms to qualify for the Peace and Freedom Party primary ballot.

On March 3, 2020, Peace & Freedom Party voters will not only be casting ballots for candidates running for statewide offices or state assembly; they’ll also be voting to head up the PFP ticket in November as the party’s nominee for U.S. President.

Howie Hawkins of New York seeks the Peace & Freedom nomination for president. His introductory statement runs below. For more on PFP campaigns, candidates and endorsees in the 2020 elections, click here.

I am a retired Teamster from Syracuse, New York, who was swept up into the civil rights, antiwar, and environmental movements in the San Francisco Bay Area in the late 1960s, when I became committed to independent working-class politics for democracy, socialism, and ecology.

My first party allegiance at age 15 in 1968 was to the Peace and Freedom Party. I co-founded the Green Party in 1984. I was the first US candidate to call for a Green New Deal in 2010 in the first of three New York gubernatorial runs that won enough votes to secure Green ballot lines.

Our campaign has two primary objectives: party-building and ecosocialism. Party-building means strengthening grassroots organization within – and promoting solidarity, joint events, and reciprocal support among – all independent left parties that want to build a mass party rooted in the working class. I am seeking the nomination of the Green Party and other independent left state parties including the Peace and Freedom Party in California. I have already been nominated by the Socialist Party USA. We expect to qualify for primary matching funds and all 51 state ballots.

Our Ecosocialist Green New Deal addresses the climate and inequality crises. Through social ownership and democratic planning of the energy, transportation, and manufacturing sectors, it eliminates carbon emissions by 2030. It enacts an Economic Bill of Rights based on public provision of a job guarantee, a guaranteed income above poverty, affordable housing, comprehensive health care, lifelong public education, and a secure retirement. To end the new nuclear arms race, we call for no first use and unilateral disarmament to a minimum credible deterrent, followed up by urgent negotiations among the nuclear powers for complete nuclear disarmament.

We ask for your vote in the presidential primary and as a delegate to the state convention.

For more on Howie Hawkins presidential campaign, visit the website or via social media on the Facebook/MeWe page RunHowieRun2020; Twitter @HowieHawkins20; Instagram page HowieHawkins2020; and the H’20 YouTube channel.

On March 3, 2020, Peace & Freedom Party voters will not only be casting ballots for candidates running for statewide offices or state assembly; they’ll also be voting to head up the PFP ticket in November as the party’s nominee for U.S. President.

Lifelong activist Gloria La Riva seeks the Peace & Freedom nomination for president. Her introductory statement runs below. For more on PFP campaigns, candidates and endorsees in the 2020 elections, click here.

I am from a Chicano working-class family in New Mexico. In my first year as an activist at Brandeis University, 1972, I decided I needed to become a socialist.

At the age of 24, I organized a union drive with my co-workers — all women — at a local newspaper in Fairport, New York. After months of struggle we won the union election. The next day, I was fired. That drive was a life lesson in exactly why we workers need the real right to a union. The Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) to protect workers seeking to unionize was defeated by the Democratic Party-controlled Congress and White House in 2009. I would make passage of EFCA a top priority.

I am proud to have Leonard Peltier as my running mate, a Native leader still cruelly locked up in U.S. federal prison more than 43 years, railroaded by the U.S. government and FBI. Leonard was Peace and Freedom’s presidential candidate in 2004.

I am a founding member of the Party for Socialism and Liberation in 2004, and have been in Peace and Freedom Party for more than 35 years. I was PFP gubernatorial candidate in 1994, 1998 and 2018, and presidential candidate in 2016 for PFP and PSL, receiving the most votes of any socialist candidate since 1976.

On March 3, Californians will be voting in the 2020 Primary Elections which includes the chance for party voters to select their favored presidential candidate, but also features a number of sate- and local-level positions for which to vote.

Two Peace and Freedom Party candidates to date have filed to run for office in the February 2020 California Primary, and another two have announced their candidacy for the PFP presidential nomination. Our current slate of candidates is as follows.

Howie Hawkins
Peace and Freedom Party presidential nominee candidate
As part of the stated effort to “unite the independent left”, Howie Hawkins is seeking the Peace and Freedom Party nomination for President of the United States.

Howie is a socialist who believes self-organization, independent political action, and international solidarity by the working class and oppressed people for full political and economic democracy is the way to build a society of freedom, equality, solidarity, peace, and ecological sustainability. As a member of Solidarity, he believes in the promotion of “socialism from below” and international solidarity because the fight for freedom against all dictators and imperialisms is worldwide and indivisible.

He has been an organizer in movements for peace, justice, labor, the environment, and independent working-class politics since 1967 when he got active in “The Movement” as a teenager in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has been a member of the Socialist Party USA since 1973 and was a co-founder of the Green Party US in 1984.

Gloria La Riva
Peace and Freedom Party presidential nominee candidate
Lifelong labor/community/anti-war activist Gloria La Riva has stood as a socialist candidate on several occasions since her first turn with the Workers World Party in 1984, and most recently as the PSL/PFP presidential nominee in 2016 and as a gubernatorial candidate in 2018.

Gloria has been a key organizer of many mass demonstrations and other actions for three decades, and has traveled extensively to meet with workers and leaders alike. Most recently, she documented the Venezulean people’s resistance to the US economic blockade, and in late 2018 covered the Migrant Caravan in Latin America for alternative media.

The message of Gloria’s campaign along with vice presidential candidate Leonard Peltier is to the point: The world is facing unprecedented crises, none of which can be solved within the existing capitalist system. We are in a race against time. The need for the radical reorganization of society on a socialist basis has never been greater or more urgent.”

José CortésPeace and Freedom Party candidate,
U.S. Congress (CA District 50)
José Cortés was raised in the 50th Congressional District and has been a political organizer since 2016 when the rising violence of the Trump campaign and an unjust police shooting in his hometown compelled him to take to the streets and organize. He has participated in campaigns all over San Diego fighting for rent control, the closure of the for-profit concentration camps, and an end to the criminalization of the homeless and poor.

José is a proud Chicano socialist committed to ending the destructive US wars abroad and shuttering the military bases in occupied countries. He has helped organize for national liberation in Barrio Logan alongside Chicano Park defenders, stood in solidarity with the struggle for socialism in Venezuela and Cuba, and supports the right of self-determination for the people of Hawaii, Puerto Rico and all former and current US colonies. He is running in the PFP because only a socialist restructuring of society can bring about the end of the rule of political dynasties, career politicians and corporate lobbyists.

Cassie DevereauxPeace and Freedom Party candidate,
14th CA Assembly District
Cassie Devereaux supports police oversight and an end to Vallejo’s reign of police terror; comprehensive rent control to keep people in their homes and communities; access to medical care and mental health services for the low-income and houseless; universal housing and an end to houselessness altogether; student-loan forgiveness and access to postsecondary education for all; and an end to all of ICE’s practices.

Says Cassie: “We can imagine a better world. To make things better we need deep, systemic change. Join a movement devoted to using the fruits of the la¬bor of people who do the work of the world to feed, clothe, and care for us and for our families, not to buy billionaires yet another yacht for their Pacific fleet. The ballot box can help build this movement. The people, united, can usher in this new world. Please join us in exercising our dem¬ocratic rights to uplift our demands for a better, more just world – and let’s get to work building it!”

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