Health Care

We believe that access to quality medical and dental care is a basic human right. We stand for a democratically-controlled, publicly-funded health care system. We support health practices that emphasize education, prevention and nutrition. We demand:
  • Free, high-quality health care for everyone.
  • Eliminate for-profit health care.
  • Free immunization programs.
  • No private patents on drugs developed through publicly-funded research.
  • Price controls on drugs and medical technology.
  • Safe pre-natal care, including women's choice of birth alternatives.
  • More medical facilities to provide services and education in low-income neighborhoods and rural areas.
  • More substance abuse treatment and needle-exchange programs.
  • More research into diseases and disorders caused by man-made substances.
  • More community health care facilities.
  • Support non-standard proven methods.
  • Special attention to preventing epidemics of communicable diseases, such as AIDS.
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