The 50th Anniversary of the Chicano Moratorium brings back old memories.

I was the Peace and Freedom Party nominee for California State Treasurer. On August 29, 1970, I was tabling at Laguna Park in East Los Angeles when tear gas started filling the park. People were running in all directions and screaming. I started packing up my stuff when I looked up to see a policeman with his baton raised moving towards me. However, someone ran by us and the officer turned and chased the other person.

I don’t know if it was because of my slow, calm movement or the fact that I was white that saved me that day, but the police riot still stands out in my mind. Today, things have not changed. The police still attack people of color as though they were in a war and people of color are the enemy. Retraining, psychological evaluation, and weeding out of racist and/or dangerous officers need to happen now.

And yes, Black Lives still Matter. 


–C. T. Weber
Legislative Committee Chair,
Peace and Freedom Party of California


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