Wednesday, January 28, 2009
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Community college students announce major march to Capitol; Peace and Freedom Party endorses it, challenges ‘big-money parties' to do the same

SACRAMENTO – Community college students from throughout the state will hold a nearly two-hour march and rally on March 16 – from Raley Field in West Sacramento to the State Capitol – to demand relief from the budget ax.

A rally at the Capitol begins at 12:30 p.m. on the North Steps. The call for the march and rally was issued by the Student Senate for California Community Colleges.

The Peace and Freedom Party has endorsed the march, and challenged leaders in the "big-money parties" to do the same, said Peace and Freedom Party State Chair Kevin Akin.

"Both big parties are responsible for chopping and corporatizing higher education in California. The people of California need to reject their policies and fight for free public education from pre-school through the university," said Akin.

Akin points out that the Peace and Freedom Party has long expressed support for a return to free higher education in California.

"They took it away from us, but we can take it back. Build for a big march in March, and show them how the people feel. The corporate forces who control the executive and legislative branches are determined to put the whole burden of the crisis in higher education on the backs of students, freezing out the working class from advancement.

"We need to raise taxes on the income and assets of the richest Californians to properly support a free public education system at every level,"he said.

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