The next meeting of the Peace and Freedom Party State Central Committee will be held in San Francisco, this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, March 10-11. on November 11-12, 2017. For the agenda, please see below or click here to download a PDF document.

Peace and Freedom Party of California - State Central Committee Meeting

Saturday & Sunday, March 10 & 11; registration on Saturday opens at 11:30 am; meeting starts at noon

2969 Mission Street in San Francisco (MAP)

Special notes for this meeting:

  • Please bring the materials from this mailing to the meeting to help save paper.
  • Please try to bring your own reusable cup or mug. This and the previous request are to help us be more environmentally friendly.

Dues and registration:

  • State Central Committee dues are $10 a month, full dues; $5 per month, low income; and $2 per month, hardship. Payment of dues through the end of July is encouraged, but all SCC members paid up through March may vote at this meeting. Please note that our bylaws require that only those SCC members who are paid up by the end of this 2-year term (end of July, 2018) will be carried over as members of the 2018-2020 State Central Committee.
  • Registration is $15, or $10 low income. Some donated funds may be available to subsidize registration for those unable to pay it.
  • You may pay dues and registration ahead of time by mail, with checks payable to Peace and Freedom Party, and mailed to PFP, PO Box 24764, Oakland, CA 94623. (Please mail no later than March 1.)
  • Dues and registration fees are also accepted at registration, which begins at 11:30 am

Transportation and parking

  • Our meeting place is two blocks from the BART station at Mission and 24th Street
  • Provided that you arrive early enough on Saturday, there is unlimited and non-metered on-street parking once you get 2-3 blocks away from Mission St. in either direction, on streets parallel to Mission. There are also pay-to-park lots several blocks away. For Sunday, those who arrive by 9 a.m. should find virtually unlimited free parking on the block where our meeting will be held.


  • Searching online for something near the Mission District (or near 2969 Mission St.) is probably your best bet.
  • As the meeting is 2 blocks from a BART stop, you may want to base your lodging decision on nearness of public transportation.
  • There may be affordable lodging near the San Francisco International Airport, but it isn’t very close to our meeting place.

Note on lodging
SCC members who would have to miss the meeting because of not being able to afford lodging may request shared solidarity housing. This must be arranged in advance. Contact Mary McIlroy by phone at 510-323-6954 or via email to mcmcilroy2002 (at)

We will provide substantial snacks and beverages on Saturday and Sunday. We are not serving meals, but there are restaurants nearby.

If you have proposals for endorsements, resolutions, and/or bylaws changes, please bring them in writing, with enough copies for distribution to all SCC participants. There will probably around 25-30 voting members attending, possibly more. The copies go to Secretary John Reiger by 5:00 pm on Saturday; he will distribute them on Sunday morning. Very short proposals (50 words or less) do not require copies for distribution, but they do require 1 written copy for the secretary.

Proposed Agenda:

Saturday, March 10

11:30 Registration opens
12:00 Call to order

Opening business

  1. Review/adoption of the agenda
  2. Adoption of the meeting rules
  3. Selection of session chairs
  4. Self-introduction of SCC members
  5. Membership, round 1


  1. State Chair – report of actions taken
  2. Treasurer – brief report, with printed copies

Approval of minutes from previous meeting, as distributed to SCC members by email

1:00 Consent Calendar, if there is business that may be approved by consent

1:10 Concise committee reports from those who have provided written reports

1:30 Lunch break

2:30 Reconvene

2:30 Reports from campaigns and candidates; discussion as time permits

3:00 Discussion: strategies for helping our candidates and getting out the vote

3:45 Political discussion

4:45 Continuation of SCC: how to keep your SCC seat for the 2018-2020 term

5:00 Announcements

5:15 Recess


Sunday, March 11

9:30 Reconvene

9:35 Agenda review

9:50 Bylaws - 1st reading of new proposal(s)

10:00 Introductions of those present, if needed

10:10 Membership, Round 2

10:30 Resolutions

11:00 Endorsements

11:30 Lunch break

12:15 Reconvene

12:15 Fundraising – pass the hat

12:20 Motions for expenses of $100 or more

1:00 Additional fundraising

1:30 Good and Welfare

1:45 Other announcements

2:00 Sing our song


Please stay for a short while, if possible, to help clean up...­

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